White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a tough first week on the job, with the world challenging his credibility and his boss demanding he change his wardrobe.

Now, Spicer's job performance just keeps getting worse, as the dude in charge of communications has recklessly communicated something confusing.

What could that be? His password? A password? The password to a fancy safe that has Trump's tax returns?


Is it a cryptic admission of general hypocrisy?

Is it a cry for help?

Is it...the nuclear codes?


What is he hiding?

Perhaps "n9y25ah7" is an acronym?

"No 9 yams, 25 are having 7"?


Spicy Spicer might just be prone to pocket-tweeting, having sent a similar gibberish phrase on Wednesday morning.

While he might be putting the country at risk by not locking his phone, at least he's not using a private server.

Oh wait... he is.