Three days into the Trump administration, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has already established himself to be one who sits atop a throne of lies, saying that it is okay for the White House to "disagree with the facts." But there is one instance in which Spicer truly showed strength and spoke truth to power.

Since 2010, Spicer has been consistently tweeting his antipathy towards the Dippin' Dots, a worthy target for his ire.


He correctly remembered that he had said this before, but reiterated his point 17 months later.

He gloated when the old DD went bankrupt, though working for Trump, you'd think he'd find bankruptcy to be a good thing.


Despite his animosity towards the tiny spheres, Spicer appeared to be craving some vanilla balls at a Washington Nationals game in 2015. And boy, did he burn them when they were out of vanilla.

You tell 'em, Sean. Make sure they live up to their campaign promises of being "The Ice Cream of the Future."

They stated that as if it's a fact, and facts matter.