Well, a bunch of old white men with no uteruses are currently determining the fate of women's health care. But at least they have a "sense of humor" about it! Republican Senator Pat Roberts, from Kansas, made a real wise-cracker yesterday when Talking Points Memo reporter Alice Ollstein asked him if he supports scrapping "essential health benefits," which would require insurers to cover things like mammograms for breast cancer screening.

This was his response:


Twitter did not find his "joke" very funny.

Though some of their responses are hilarious.


Others pointed out that the "joke" was not only insensitive but ignorant. Because men can get breast cancer, too.


After the backlash, Roberts apologized in a statement, CNN reports. He said:

I deeply regret my comments on such an important topic. I know several individuals whose lives have been saved by mammograms, and I recognize how essential they are to women's health. I never intended to indicate otherwise, and I apologize for my comments.

The Senator also tweeted this:


And it didn't take long for someone to point out the irony.

Ok, Senator Roberts. I'll forgive you (maybe) when you stop trying to take away lifesaving health coverage for women.

To be fair, maybe comedy is just not GOP politicians' strong point. Also not their strong point? Politics, IMHO.

Sources: CNN