Stephen Colbert's ultraconservative identical "twin cousin" Stephen Colbert returned to television on Thursday night to bid farewell to President Obama in a special segment of "Tonight's Werd" called "Thanks, Obama." For complicated legal reasons, this is not the Republican pundit character that Stephen Colbert played for 10 years on The Colbert Report—it is just someone who looks, thinks, and talks a lot like he does.

"Did someone say delusion egomaniac?" said Republican Colbert before emerging for the segment carrying a Captain America shield and brandishing a sword. He then laid into the "America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping, hopey-changy apologist-in-chief" Barack Obama.


"You remind guys like me what we truly stand for— the opposite of whatever you said," quipped Colbert in character. Before long, the faux political pundit dropped the Obama-hating act and begged for him to stay, much like half of America did.


In the end, Colbert wrapped up the segment on a very sincere note."So for the last time — from me, the real Stephen Colbert — I just want to say, thanks, Obama," he concluded. "And that’s 'The Werd.'"