Here is the least efficient way to cook bacon, and the most efficient way to get vegans to hate you.

No guns were harmed in the making of this video. (via YouTube)

Ted Cruz, America's favorite Candian-born Republican candidate, made an instructional video about cooking bacon on a machine gun. It's like cooking breakfast on your car engine, but louder and creepier. Watching this video (below) will make you feel strong feelings about guns and bacon, regardless of whether you are for or against either of these two things.

Trying out his "serious gun" face. (via YouTube)

According to Ted Cruz, here are the steps to becoming President:
1. Buy bacon.
2. Wrap bacon around the barrel a machine gun.
3. Wrap foil around the bacon that's around the gun.
4. Shoot the gun.
5. Eat the semi-cooked bacon.

Sources: h/t Eater | YouTube