Senator Ted Cruz posed for a photo with really rich guy Tom Ricketts, owner of the Chicago Cubs, for apparently no other reason than to acknowledge how much they look alike.

But this is the fourth Cruz doppelganger on record, and while it's really, really solid, it's probably the least accurate.

Yeah. There's been a lot of these. I don't know.

The fourth most convincing Cruz: Tom Ricketts

"For some reason, ppl keep insulting Tom by saying he looks like me," wrote Cruz in a follow up tweet. "Poor guy."


The good people of the web loved it, and made their jokey jokes about it.


But while the resemblance is there with Ricketts, it's honestly not as good as two other Cruz doppelgangers. Cruz has one of those faces. One of those infuriating faces. It's shared by one of college basketball's most hated athletes: Duke's Grayson Allen.

The third most convincing Cruz: Grayson Allen

Not bad, and we're getting closer.


But then there's this moment from Return of the Jedi, spotted by some eagle-eyed netizens last December.

The second most convincing Cruz:

I shouldn't have to tell you that we're talking about the imperial officer on the far left. But while it's impressive that this Cruz lookalike was doing his evil business all the way back in 1983, and he's straight-up identical, his face is in the shadows and it's a little misleading.

Skip to 1:37 for the full shot.


Which brings us to the final Cruz.

The most convincing Cruz:

Yes, that's an Instagram posted by the Maury show, and it's of a female version of Ted Cruz. If you don't follow political doppelganger news like I do, you'll be excited to learn that she's leveraged her internet fame and agreed to do pornography for $10,000.


Tom Ricketts—just saying—you've got options.