This may not be what he expected by auctioning off his face, but he's as good as his word.

Professional wrestler (aka "someone paid to absorb pain") auctioned off his forehead for the tattoo of the buyer's choice. The opening bid was $5,000, but he promised it would pay off in all the laughs the winner would have at his expense forever (seriously). Well, whoever bought this tattoo ensured that the world would have laughs forever, and isn't that the greatest gift of all? Even if you support Romney, there's a good chance this logo will become a forgotten and embarrassing relic of a failed campaign in two weeks. In the event that Romney wins, it will become a forgotten and useless relic of an old campaign in 4-8 years. So maybe start thinking of ways to describe it to people 20 years from now, Eric. May we suggest "A seagull flying sideways to catch a jumping red fish" or perhaps a flapping French flag?

Sources: Digital Spy