While conservative commentator Tomi Lahren's leaps in logic might have you ask, "woah, is she kidding?", for the most part, Tiny Tom wants to be taken seriously.

But, Tauntaun has made her first foray into standup comedy (even though she's sitting down) with a viral video, which uses comedian Jeff Foxworthy's famous "You might be a redneck" punchline as part of the conservative quest to turn "snowflake" into an insult.

Tiffany has such zingers as, "If Donald Trump's tweets bother you more than the four Americans we lost in might be a snowflake."


Plus, if you don't recognize the "you might be a ____" joke structure, you might be a millennial.

If you hurl "insults" at someone for being skeptical about a Trump presidency, for contemplating how historic inequality affects the present, and are angry at people for holding different views... you might be a snowflake.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.