Trans woman protests North Carolina's bathroom law by posting illegal selfie.

Trans woman protests North Carolina's bathroom law by posting illegal selfie.

Sarah McBride had to pee, so she used the bathroom, and in doing so, broke the law. BuzzFeed reported that the 25-year-old transgender woman didn't use just any bathroom—she used the women's bathroom in the Mecklenburg Government Center, a government building in North Carolina. Then, she took a selfie. 

North Carolina recently passed House Bill 2, an anti-LGBT law that says that people have to use the bathroom that aligns with the sex that is on their birth certificate. When Sarah was passing through the state, she figured she would make a statement by using the women's bathroom and snapping a quick selfie to be all like "F-you HB2!"

Here I am using a women's restroom in North Carolina that I'm technically barred from being in. 
They say I'm a pervert.
They say I'm a man dressed as a woman.
They say I'm a threat to their children.
They say I'm confused.
They say I'm dangerous.
And they say accepting me as the person I have fought my life to be seen as reflects the downfall of a once great nation.

I'm just a person. We are all just people. Trying to pee in peace. Trying to live our lives as fully and authentically as possible. Barring me from this restroom doesn't help anyone. And allowing me to continue to use this bathroom - just without fear of discrimination and harassment - doesn't hurt anyone. 
Stop this. We are good people. #repealhb2


Her courageous selfie (bet you never thought you'd hear those two words together) has gotten a lot of attention and been shared and liked thousands of times. After BuzzFeed picked up her story, Sarah took to her Facebook page to add a little bit more information. She wrote: 

Welp. Buzzfeed picked up my selfie. As I said to the reporter and as I said to others, this shouldn't be about how I or any other trans person looks. I have the privilege of living in a place where HB 2 isn't my reality every day. I can generally get through the day without strangers knowing I'm trans. We can't forget the people who are disproportionately impacted by anti-trans laws, particularly young trans people, trans people with disabilities, trans people of color, and gender non-conforming people. This isn't about how we look, this is about who we are. 


McBride lives in Washington D.C. where she is closer to change-makers and can also pee in whatever damn bathroom she wants. 

Sarah Goes To Washington

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