Eric Trump has no basic understanding of Spanish, even when words are similar to English. Sad!

Annie and Ceci Ardelle, two sisters in Salisbury, North Carolina, masterfully trolled Eric Trump at a rally in their hometown. The Ardelles are second-generation Americans of Cuban descent, and went to protest the most vampire-y Trump's campaign stop in a subtle and smooth way.

Annie took a Sharpie to a white shirt and wrote "Latinas contra Trump," which translates to "Latinas against Trump."


Eric's obliviousness is particularly hilarious because contra is a word that's used in English too, and anyone who reads the Latin alphabet could maybe infer that "con" is bad, as in "pros and cons."

Annie explained the motivation for the fashion statement to BuzzFeed News:

We weren’t protesting the fact that he’s a conservative or a Republican. We were protesting their particular treatment of Hispanics and Latino immigrants in this country. It’s been almost two years of Trump continuously putting down Latinos, making us feel like we don’t belong. So, my whole thing was to go there and say, ‘I’m Latina and we’re against you because of what you say about our race.'


This isn't the first time this election cycle that political figures have been caught not reading big letters on t-shirts. Last September, Jeb! Bush ('member him?!) smiled with a group of kids in "Republicans for Sanders" shirts.

There's no excuse for that one, Jebbie.