This 9-year-old girl’s Trump obsession is almost adorable if you don’t think too hard about it.

This 9-year-old girl’s Trump obsession is almost adorable if you don’t think too hard about it.

Jason-Kim Lovley posted a video Saturday of his 9-year-old daughter Ava, who just might be a bigger Trump fangirl than the USA Freedom Kids. When her mom tells her that they will be driving from Maine to New Hampshire to see him in person at a rally, she bursts into tears and yells, "I love you, Trump!" 

Ava is a Huge Trump supporter.... She is in tears when she finds out we're going to see Mr. Trump in New Hampshire Monday.

Posted by Jason-Kim Lovley on Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Are you serious?" she says, "Oh my word!" 

The Lovleys made it to the front row at the rally, and Ava got to show off the shirt she made just for the occasion:

Oh my word.

Ava's mom, Kim Lovley, told the Washington Post, "We're Republicans, but we're not political people at all." She adds that Ava is a big Trump fan following his candidacy on TV, and that "She said she loved his hair and that he speaks his mind." 


Her father elaborates on Facebook:

She's been following Trump for some time. Watches the debates& news - takes notes and writes speeches, gotten her class into ' debates', made up cheers & songs on the playground, and her birthday theme is going to be Trump. She's actually very knowledgable, probably more so then most adults. The one thing she loves about Trump ( besides "his hair"lol) is he speaks his mind, ( " just like her) won't back down to protect our Country& Military and she feels he's the one to Make America Great again! And if she ever met Hillary on the street, she'd speak her mind and give her an ear full! Lol


Dreams really do come true. Mr. Lovley posted a video from the rally of Ava's reaction, which is like full-blown Beatlemania. 


Listen to Ava's excitement the minute Trump came out on stage....

Posted by Jason-Kim Lovley on Monday, January 25, 2016

It must be inspiring for Ava to have a presidential candidate who speaks and acts like people her own age.