The Trump administration made the decision on Wednesday to revoke federal protections for transgender students put in place during the Obama era. The New York Times reports that the federal protections rescinded by the new administration allowed trans students in public schools to use whichever bathroom corresponds with their gender identities.

Many celebrities have since spoken out against the decision, including singer Jackie Evancho, who performed the National Anthem at Trump's inauguration.

She took to Twitter to express her disappointment with the president Wednesday night.


Transgender rights are important to 16-year-old Evancho, who has a transgender older sister named Juliet. In a follow-up tweet, Jackie Evancho asked the president to meet with her and her sister to discuss transgender rights.

Jackie and Juliet Evancho also appeared on Good Morning America Thursday to discuss their hopes to "enlighten" the president on transgender issues. You can watch their full interview below.

Sources: ABC News