As the nation adjusts to a new president, we can't help but compare Donald Trump with our previous Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama. There are many, many obvious differences between the two men. As it turns out, one such difference is the way they celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.

As America watched the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl on Sunday, President Trump held his own viewing party at the Trump Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Trump sat at a table surrounded by velvet ropes. (Everyone looks rather bored, no?)

People were concerned about Melania Trump, who looked especially unhappy.

And by 8:57pm, Trump was apparently ready to call it a night. He didn't even stay for the end of the game.


People were quick to compare Trump's party to Obama's first Super Bowl party as president back in 2009, which was held in the White House's family theater.

President Obama made sure everyone had glasses on hand so they could watch the 3-D commercials that aired during the Super Bowl.


We'll let you make your own assessment of who throws a better Super Bowl party. (Just keep in mind that the Obamas' parties also have dogs.)

Sources: Mashable