Not only can Trump not get many performers for his upcoming inauguration, he also can't seem to get many attendees. At least, that's the way it looks from this video Mike Pence posted on his Facebook wall of Donald Trump basically pleading with folks to come.

Oh, boy. Maybe Mike Pence and Donald Trump could get someone who knows how to use Facebook to teach them how to disable the comments, because ouch! There are some serious burns happening in the comments section.


She has to cheer up the 89-year-old inauguration announcer Trump fired.

She's unable to escape her burning inner city home.

He has other, more enjoyable plans.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Besides maybe penicillin.


Yes. Yes, you did.

She'll be polishing the medal of the civil rights hero Trump dissed.

Put her down as "maybe."

Lol, senate investigation! Good one.


Paid seat-fillers are a perfect example of Trump's job creation skills.

Hasn't she heard that SNL is terrible? (Well, according to Donald Trump.)

Can't spell Streep without "pee."

Oh, right, that event the following day that's going to be so much more popular than the inauguration.


This is actually a great idea.

But don't feel too bad, fellas! There are tons of folks who are very excited to attend your inevitable impeachment hearings.