With only a couple days before what is likely to be history's least entertaining inauguration, it seems inevitable that Donald Trump will become our 45th President.

But Twitter has other plans. They can't stop Trump from becoming the president, but they can stop him from becoming the 45th president. All they have to do is make Joe Biden the 45th president first.

"Obama should resign a day early to make Biden the 45th President just to ruin all of Trump's merchandise."


If this worked, Trump would have to Make America's Merchandise Again. And how would trump feel being 46th? All even numbers? Sad!

The people of twitter land loved this plan and immediately jumped on board.

"Can this really happen?"

"How amazing would that be?"


They even tagged Obama and Biden, hoping they'll join in on the scheme.

So far, no word as to whether the President and VP are into the plot, but if they're going to do it they only have two days left.