On Monday evening, Donald Trump met with the editorial board of the Washington Post, and following the interview reportedly told a female reporter she was "beautiful." The reporter, Karen Attiah, tweeted about the incident, and wrote an article detailing the encounter. 

Trump took a question from Attiah at the end of the interview, and she describes how the remark took place afterwards:

As the meeting ended and we were walking out of the room, I thanked Trump for taking my question. He turned to me and said, “I really hope I answered your question,” and added casually with a smile, “Beautiful.” I was stunned. I didn’t say thank you, and I don’t think I smiled. He then walked out to meet with my Post colleagues briefly before heading to the elevator. I stayed in the conference room for a few minutes as it sunk in that the potential GOP nominee for president thought it was okay to comment on my appearance. Did he just say that?

Sources: Jezebel | The Washington Post