Racism is as prevalent as ever in 2017 in America, thanks in part to our white supremacist-defending president, and in part to our extremely racist history. At least in the era of smartphones and dashcams, we can catch them in the act, expose them, and shame them with viral attention.

Another thing we can do is tell them to GTFO of our lives/cars/houses/Ubers. Like this Uber driver did, and thankfully he caught the whole thing on dashcam.

The problem began as soon as a group of young, white passengers hopped into his Uber, and one of them is heard reciting the phrase "white privilege"—in an obnoxious, dare I say racist way. RED FLAG #1.


The Uber driver at first tries to keep his cool and be respectful. But you can tell the racist comment got under his skin. He then says to a passenger sitting in the front seat: "please don't touch my stuff, bro." To add insult to injury, this passenger was touching his stuff?????? RED FLAG #2.

The driver soon decides to pull over, telling the passengers calmly: "You know what ... I need you to get out." To the woman who ordered the ride, he says "I’m sorry, Rebecca, but your partner here has gotta go," and then as he starts explaining why he's kicking them out, the guy in the back calls him the n-word. ALL OF THE RED FLAGS. NO MORE EXPLANATION NEEDED. GTFO REBECCA AND FRIENDS.


You can watch the infuriating video here:

The worst part? Non-white Uber drivers must deal with this shit ALL THE TIME. Rebecca and her posse of racists are lucky the worst thing he did is calmly, respectfully ask them to leave the car. Someone please hand this man an Olympic Gold medal in dealing with bullshit, ASAP.