Virginia is for lovers and pugs who have no f***ing clue what this is supposed to mean.
(via Christopher Michel on Flickr)

Ken Cuccinelli is running for Governor in Virginia on the Republican ticket, and this is his idea of a good campaign ad. Don't worry if you can't understand it, neither could anyone who saw it last night (especially the guy he stole that photo from). Here's a small selection of the responses to Cuccinelli's Twitter post:

One other point: calling your opponent "all puppy" doesn't make them less likeable.

But wait, there's more! Like an inexperienced blogging intern, Cuccinelli's campaign just decided to steal Flickr photos from some random guy (Christopher Michel) without even so much as a h/t (hat tip). This isn't that unusual; pretty much every 4 years the GOP tries to use famous rock and roll songs at their rallies before the artist hears about it and stops them. However, it does look a little worse because he's the Attorney General, i.e. the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the state.

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