Live: The VP debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, plus background stories.

Live: The VP debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, plus background stories.

Tonight at 9PM EST at Longwood University in Virginia, the vice presidential candidates will face off in their only debate. Gov. Mike Pence will try to convince voters the Trump ticket is stable (while Trump live-tweets the debate). Gov. Tim Kaine will try to resist the urge to break out an acoustic guitar in an attempt to rap with the youngs. Here's PBS' live feed, but if you're waiting for it to start, check out some articles about Pence and Kaine below:

Mike Pence:

1. 21 tweets about Mike Pence that are funnier than this election.

2. Gamers threaten to pull lucrative convention if Indiana goes forward with anti-gay law.

3. Donald Trump's air kiss to Mike Pence was awkward af.

4. Women are calling the Indiana governor's office with period stories to make an exclamation point.

5. Mike Pence once wrote an insane op-ed calling 'Mulan' mischievous liberal propaganda.

Tim Kaine​...uh... hold on, we must have written about him somewhere... oh, right, he was picked because he is truly boring and is basically never in the news. Here are some stories where he makes a cameo:


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2. 32 of the best reactions from celebs and comics to DNC Day 3: Biden, Bloomberg, Kaine, and Obama.

3. Following politics is too exhausting, so here's Stephen Colbert summarizing the past two weeks.

4. It's the DNC's turn to get roasted by John Oliver, and yet somehow, the conversation returns to Trump.