Only one thing could've made 2016 any weirder: an appearance by "Weird" Al Yankovic. And here it is. A new "Songify" clip from the Gregory Brothers remixes Wednesday night's debate but with Weird Al as the moderator. This video is right up there with the actual debate in terms of how many times you will say "WTF??" out loud while watching.

The creators are the Gregory Brothers, whose mission is "songifying everything in the universe," they wrote in the New York Times. As it turns out, "songifying" the third and final presidential debate led them to "a terrifying space opera about bad hombres and nasty women." The debate was "so terrifying, in fact, that it ripped open a wormhole to another dimension, and pulled an unsuspecting Weird Al Yankovic in from his home in a parallel universe to moderate the whole thing," they wrote.


That sounds about accurate. Luckily Weird Al seems like a good sport about being ripped from his home and delivers a weird, but flawless, performance as moderator. Check it out:

It doesn't get any weirder than this. And yet, you know this election somehow will.

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