The Trump administration's relationship with the press has been iffy at best. Recently, the White House has been having a lot of off-camera press conferences, not allowing reporters to bring any sort of camera into the briefing. Well, one news organization has found a way around that. (Sort of.)

On Friday, CNN tweeted that since cameras weren't allowed at some press briefings, they decided to go with a different approach. According to Mashable, CNN sent Bill Hennessy, its Supreme Court sketch artist, to capture the moment instead.


We have to say, pencil really suits Sean Spicer.

Let's get a side-by-side.

Getty/Twitter: CNN


While a few conservative members of the press dismissed Hennessy's presence as a stunt, CNN compared the briefing to a Supreme Court argument, where the proceedings are on the record but cameras are not allowed. So, they argue, it was actually beneficial to have Hennessy there.


CNN also pointed out the significant changes in the press's access to the White House in recent months. While both Democratic and Republican presidents have regularly held on-camera press briefings for decades, the Trump administration has cut back on both the frequency and length of briefings on-camera.

According to CNN, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have held just four on-camera briefings in the month of June.

You have to credit CNN for their sneaky way of getting around the White House's rules. Let's hope these sketches end up in a museum one day, alongside this GIF of Sean Spicer as Homer Simpson retreating into the bushes.

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