On Monday, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified on the "Flynn saga," according to NBC News. Answering questions about everything that happened regarding the disgraced National Security Adviser, Yates ended up fielding an off-topic question from none other than everyone's favorite booger-monster, Ted Cruz.

Questioning Sally Yates on her reaction to Trump's first travel ban (she refused to defend it, and was quickly fired by the administration), Ted Cruz tried to destroy a former attorney general with specifics of the law.


It didn't work. Cruz attempted to school Yates with a statute about the president's power over immigration, and Yates immediately shot back with another relevant portion of U.S. law: the Constitution.

If you're still confused about what happened in that viral video, or want some more scholarly analysis, here's Wolf Blitzer's take:

"She basically crushed him," said Blitzer, to the joy of his panel.

"He was trying to do legal gotcha with the code," clarified Dana Bash. "And she said, 'I'll hear your legal gotcha, and I'll one-up you—' which is the United States Constitution. And that's what I was following."


"He met his match."

So to recap—Cruz got destroyed, Sally Yates became a liberal hero, and... Trump is still president. Good news for anyone who likes testimony.

Sources: h/t HuffPo