Crane operator Robert MacFarlane caught the poop-bandit raccoon at the top of the crane he's working on in Toronto.

Excuse me, is the restroom up here for customers only? (via skyjacked 793 on Instagram)

"Hero." It's a word many of us use all too lightly these days. But I can assure you that it is with absolutely no hyperbole that I tell you that this raccoon, which climbed to the top of a very high crane just to poop there, is a hero. If I thought I could get this raccoon to actually show up, I would throw him an elaborate awards ball where I would invite other famous poopers (like that infant that ruined his photoshoot with projectile feces) and give the raccoon an award. I'd probably call it the "One Poop Above Many" award.

Sources: Vancity Buzz