5 times we loved Steve Harrington and 5 times we hated him.

5 times we loved Steve Harrington and 5 times we hated him.

Steve Harrington has been one TV character that has gone from the most hated human being on a show to the most beloved character of all time. In the span of just two seasons, the writers of Stranger Things have managed to make a good for nothing bad boy turn into the nicest, sweetest boyfriend on all of Netflix. Just a year ago, people were cursing the name Steve Harrington after he pulled a lot of bullsh*t in season one. Fast forward to season two, he's pining over Nancy while she's turned into a total and complete b*tch and we can't help but chant "Steve Harrington deserves better." What a change. Needless to say, there are things we praise Harrington for and things we still are salty about.

We hated him...

1. When he called Nancy a prude for not putting out right away.

In season one, Nancy has Steve over to "study" aka, he sneaks through her window to get some of that Nancy booty. But, Nancy isn't ready to get down to business just yet and, dirtbag Steve makes her feel really horrible about it by calling her a tease and a prude. Um, no thanks Harrington, pressuring women to give consent is not cool.

2. When he made Nancy feel like sh*t for being concerned about Barb.

In season one, after Barb and Nancy went to Steve's for a party, Barb went missing. Obviously, we find out later that Barb is dead (RIP) in the Upside Down. But, Nancy was genuinely concerned for Barb and her well being – and honestly, Steve was a total douchelord when she talked to him about it. She wanted to go find Barb and figure out what happened, and all he was concerned about getting in trouble for throwing a "small party with alcohol" at his house. Not the best boyfriend move if you show zero to no interest in helping find your GF's BFF, Steve.


3. When he just assumed Jonathan and Nancy were getting it on.

Trying to sneak through your girlfriend's window? Romantic. But assuming that because you saw Nancy and Jonathan together means they're doing some dirty things behind your back is kind of immature. If you were a good guy, you'd straight up ask her about what happened. Sure, she'll get mad and think you're spying – but if Jonathan was willing to figure out the Barb situation and you were so unsupportive, maybe you'll rethink how much you care when she speaks my friend.

4. When he helped spray paint sh*t about Nancy all over town.

After thinking that Nancy was cheating on him, Steve went and told his stupid friends about how much of a "slut" Nancy was. So, he and his friends spraypainting sh*t about Nancy and Jonathan all over town. If he were a standup guy, he wouldn't have let them write anything about her anywhere – especially calling her a slut. Come on now, be better than the others, Steve.


5. When he left Nancy at the party when she was wasted.

Even though Nancy said some pretty f*cked up stuff at the party and she was being a total brat, she's still his girlfriend and she was pretty wasted. While causing a scene at a party and telling your boyfriend you don't love him is hella harsh, it's still f*cked up to leave your girlfriend drunk at a party and having someone else take her home. No matter how mad you are, you should take her home and deal with it the next day when everyone is sober.

We loved him...

1. When he manned up and scrubbed the graffiti about Nancy off the movie theater sign.

Steve finally turns over a new-ish leaf at the end of season one, which kind of prepares us for season two Steve where we completely fall in love with him. He realized he was a huge jerkoff and decided to go scrub those horrible words off of town monuments calling Nancy a slut. And, he stood up to his horrible friends, tossing them aside to become a better boyfriend.


2. When he gave Dustin some crappy but meaningful dating advice.

After Dustin needed some help defeating the Demodog he thought was a pet, Steve didn't totally blow him off. Instead, he became a pretty standup guy and went along with his plan to defeat him altogether. After helping Nancy and Jonathan in season one, it's no surprise he realizes how dangerous these creatures are. Along the way, he gives Dustin some solid advice about his crush on Max and, even though it's kind of shotty advice, it's adorable to hear him being a standup guy.

3. When he told Nancy she should be with Jonathan.

While Steve pretty much got his heart ran over this season. And, at the end of it all, he basically lost the girl. But, he was mature enough to tell Nancy she should be with Jonathan because he realizes that she actually loves him. It takes a strong man to let the women he loves to be with the man she loves – you don't see that every day, especially when a guy is young and in high school.


4. When he protected the kids in the Upside Down.

Even though he and Nancy were having drama and basically broke up, he still protected Mike and his friends as though they were family and it was his responsibility to care for them. He knew the Upside Down was a dangerous place and wanted to protect and take the lead, knowing that he could actually f*cking die. What a guy.

5. When gave Dustin hairspray for the school dance and dropped him off.