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Woman asks if she was wrong to reveal that 'pro-life' sister had secret abortion.

Woman asks if she was wrong to reveal that 'pro-life' sister had secret abortion.


The issue of abortion has recently caused quite the political and social controversy in the United States. Whatever your take on the situation is, you most likely feel very strongly about it. And rightly so. It's an extremely important and emotionally charged issue. But what do you do when abortion directly impacts your life, or say, your sister's life? When this woman outs her 'pro-life' sister as someone who's actually had a secret abortion, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for telling people my sister had an abortion?'

I'm 99% sure I'm a megga asshole but I came here to just be sure. My sister 23F is a huge pro life advocate, but here is the stupid part, I held her hand a year ago when she got her abortion. She never mentions it and I can guarantee that I'm the only one who knew. - sisterhitdb

Wow....I'm a bit shocked by this news.... OP goes on.

I always feel like she is being super hypocritical because she got an easy access to have an abortion and then wants to take that away from others.

And then...this dramatic incident...

I was getting sick of seeing her abortion kills babys posts and how she hates pro choice people so I decided to comment on one of her posts. I commented, you were definitely pro life when I held your had last year at the abortion clinic. I've now been blocked and she was banned from most of her pro life fb groups. AITA?

Well friends, Reddit had a lot to say on this. Let's take a look...

ESH but this is a good reminder that statistically women who are anti-choice are just as likely to have had an abortion than women who are pro-choice. Weirdly. -crimebiscuit

The hypocritical sister is the AH. The old classic THE ONLY MORAL ABORTION IS MY ABORTION! - bathtubzzz

I agree. I feel like clinics should refuse service to people like this. Yes, it's spiteful, but just seems appropriate. - infohiker

Well, that opinion seems like it defeats the purpose of having a choice, which the next user pointed out...

ESH. I understand why that is tempting, but it is still wrong. If you believe in people having choices, either everyone gets a choice or no one does. Part of being pro choice is not imposing your morals on anyone else. By turning away people you don't consider worthy, you open up a huge can of worms. That is exactly what the pro lifers are doing by deciding who can have an abortion and who can't. -viperbunny

Then, this fascinating take...

NTA. BUT, I’m as pro-choice as they come, but I do know a few women who are pro life and have had abortions. They deeply regret what they’ve done and they feel like they will carry this burden all their lives. Some of them were pressured into abortions at young ages, others have changed religions afterwards. -candydaze

Well, there you have it friends. ESH here. But there's more here. Was the sister wrong to out her sister? And was her sister wrong to get an abortion when she's pro life? What do YOU think?

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