Nothing to Scoff-ee at.

Never have to worry about what part of the coffee you can eat again. (via KFC)

What if I told you that there's a solution to the problem of discarded coffee cups? Yeah, that's really boring. What if I told you there's a solution to the problem of coffee cups being made out of paper instead of cookies, white chocolate and sugar? Now that's progress.

That is exactly what KFC just unveiled in the UK this week. It's called the "Scoff-ee" cup, which is hilarious if you're British and call both food and the act of eating "scoff" (or "to scoff," I guess). The cup is lined with sugar paper on the outside, ringed by a wall of biscuit (which in Britain is more like a cookie than what we call biscuit), and finally coated with an inner layer of white chocolate. When the coffee is added, it melts the white chocolate and softens the biscuit, although the paper holds the cup together.

Sources: Metro UK