I was just sitting here, thinking about myself. Things were great. Then Lululemon thought about me, and now I'm angry about society.

Pictured: A man whose comfort is carefully considered by corporations that aren't trying to convince him to display his ass and genitals to everyone in town. (via Lululemon)

Lululemon's ABC (anti-ball-crushing) pants for men are a huge hit, driving a 16% increase in sales last quarter. Basically, they just claim to have extra room in the ball area. The pants are also made with some moisture-wicking bullshit, six pockets (six fucking pockets?) and reflectors under the cuffs for when you're biking to and from yoga because you're a dude who buys Lululemon and that's exactly what you're doing, isn't it? I suspect that most of the people buying these pants don't even need any extra genital room, they just want to claim they do.

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