Oh gosh, my hand fell down your pants and it's HILARIOUS. Let's all laugh!

It's summer, and we all know what that means: horrible cases of accidental photoshop molestations. It's pretty clear what happened here: they only took pictures of this one kid (and considering his posture is the same, about 5 seconds apart), photoshopped him in a pool twice pretending to be twins or something, then they phoshopped the mom in. They remembered to hide the arm of the kid in the blue shirt behind her leg (that would be so weird if a kid had his arm on his mom's leg!), but then they a.) make her legs disappear abruptly into the pool, b.) added the worst "water" we've ever seen (are there rapids in there? what's with the whitecaps?) and c) They didn't notice her hand was resting on her kid's junk. Whoops.

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