The cups may be disposable, but the design is forever.

"I am but a vessel, filled with potential and the essence of the early 90s."

The clothes you wear announce who you are and what you stand for. By donning one of 1991INC's new line of tops printed with the iconic "Jazz" design, recognizable to billions as the emblem of disposable Solo paper cups everywhere, you tell the world "I am both ephemeral and eternal. I am everywhere. I am mankind's dominance over nature."

"Crumple me up, and I shall become more sewer-clogging than you can possibly imagine."

"I will bring you refreshing coolness in quantities and with convenience you never dreamed possible. What happens to you depends on how you treat me. Will you recycle me, making sure I get put in the right baskets, or will you discard me as so many have done?"

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