There is a direct correlation between gaining sentience and hating your employers.

With the Age of the Machines about to dawn on America following's announcement that they will begin delivering packages via drone with a 30-minutes-or-less policy, Twitter human @QuantumPirate reacted to the news by imagining what our new "missed delivery" slips will look like in this dystopian wonderland. 

First off, I have to compliment the masterful way @QuantumPirate has replicated the boring, soulless notes of authority that explain why you can't have what you ordered today. Secondly, he raises a lot of important questions: what if you live near a military facility? Are all your packages going to be terminated with extreme prejudice, forcing you to rely on (barf) ground delivery? What happens when drones malfunction?

Sources: @QuantumPirate | redditor solidfox535