These two grade school friends ran into each other in high school, reminding one of his old promise.

In the second grade, Ben Moser became pals with Mary Lapkowicz. Most kids shied away from Mary because she has Down syndrome, but Ben always tried to include her in school activities.

These two are so sweet and adorable, it's like two gummi bears are going to prom.
(via The Patriot-News)

When they were both in fourth grade, their teacher Tracey Spogli noticed how much Ben looked out for Mary. She told The Patriot-News, "If she was looking like she wasn't having fun, he would go over and talk to her. He would pull her into whatever activity they were doing. He just always watched out for her."

Their fourth grade teacher, Tracey Spogli, came for the pre-prom photo shoot, too. It keeps getting more adorable! (via The Patriot-News)

It was during the fourth grade that Ben made a promise to Mary that he would take her to prom when they got old enough. In sixth grade, Mary changed schools and the two friends didn't see much of each other. Then, last year during a football game between their two respective high schools, Ben and Mary saw each other again. Ben was instantly reminded of his promise.

How can you stand it!? (via The Patriot-News)

When prom season came around, Ben showed up at Mary's school with a white balloon with "Prom?" written on it. Mary was surprised. She had plans to go with a group of friends instead. Taking the quarterback of the rival high school team has to be a huge upgrade. When asked if he was nervous to go to the rival school's prom, Ben responded, "I don't think it should be too weird. There [are] good kids there."

A heart-shaped question mark? I have to stop here. Too adorable. (via The Patriot-News)

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