A 17-year-old helicopter pilot lands a chopper on the football field to cheers and applause.

Nick D'Amato lands a helicopter on his high school's football field. Big deal. I landed a Toyota Corolla on mine and those don't have propellers. (via News12 Long Island)

Helicopters are like the motorcycles of aeronautics. They are nimble, they are speedy, and operating one is spitting in the face of Death. There's an undeniable cool around helicopters, which is why Nick D'Amato's prom ride is the undeniably the coolest prom ride in the history of Long Island—maybe even earth.

As a certified helicopter pilot, Nick knew that limousines are just not as cool as helicopters. So, Nick arranged to arrive at prom at Eastport South Manor High by landing on the football field. When the chopper landed, Nick and his date, 18-year-old Danielle Mignogna, were swarmed with people cheering and taking pictures. The prom couple hugged and then boarded a white carriage to enter prom.

Sources: CBS New York