Frankly, none of these girls would last a week in the NFL.

Why ask people to prom the old-fashioned way when systematically objectifying them is so much more fun? Students at a Southern California high school are under scrutiny this week because they were caught holding an NFL-style "prom draft." Junior and senior boys at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach ranked eligible girls, and then drew numbers to determine who would get first pick for prom dates.

Boys could also pay money to get a better draft pick. In one case, a boy paid $140 to ask a girl he likes but isn't really friends with. "She finds it awkward that he chose her," another student told the LA Times. Don't worry, sweetie. From what I know of teen movies, he'll figure out on prom night that he actually loves his geeky best friend Tammy. 

Sources: Fox News | LA Times