If you would like to cry tears of joy, this proposal video is for you.

I'm giving you fair warning: this video is so touching it might renew your faith in mankind and make you want to be a better person. Lucas D'Onofrio proposed to his girlfriend and high school sweetheart Tamara Bruzzo on her last day of chemo to treat her Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He decorated her room at Boca Raton Regional Hospital with balloons and flameless candles, and got the nurses to help keep the proposal a secret from Bruzzo before her arrival. He set up a camera to document the event so he could share this beautiful moment with the world.

After D'Onofrio popped the question and Bruzzo said yes, they were joined by family and friends. He told Buzzfeed, “We are sure this is her last chemo, her mass went down in size by 70% after her second chemo session... I wanted it to be a symbol of closing the chapter of cancer in her life and opening a new chapter with our lives together." Skip ahead to 2:50 to get to the main event, and get ready for your tear ducts to flood like someone skipped an inspection on the Hoover Dam.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed | YouTube