Practicing to shoot himself in the foot. (Via Getty Images)

He says he is a champion for worker's rights, but he is far from living like those he supports. On Friday, September 26th, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello tried to get preferential treatment at Seattle restaurant The 5 Point Cafe after performing at a benefit concert to help 15 Now, an organization dedicated to increasing the minimum wage to $15 and support worker's rights. When the doorman turned the guitarist away with the explantation that the restaurant was at capacity, Morello, man of the people, tried to push past those people patiently waiting in line. Morello demanded a "special room" for himself and his obnoxious friends, and when the doorman explained that he could not be accommodated, Morello threw a hissy fit. Then her took to Twitter with his tirade.

Sources: Blabbermouth