Do you have a million dollars? Would you like to live in Richmond, Texas? Well! Do we have a deal for you! So long as you are not put off by mannequins and dolls and taxidermied animals all over the place!

Welcome to 4302 Colony West Drive, your future home!

On the surface, it's a lovely, gated mansion, and the description by the realtor makes it sound like a dream!

Unbelievable value for this custom home on +/- 2 acres on Jones Creek. Every bell & whistle was added by the builder. Auto gate leads you to a circle drive or back to a 4 car garage. Home has both formals, family room, study, art studio, game room, trophy room, pool, outdoor kitchen, fabulous kitchen & garage apartment. You truly have to let this one sink in to appreciate all the extras. Massive master suite w/oversized shower & whirlpool tub and BIG closets. On the creek, but not in floodplain.


But wait -- who is standing there to greet you?

It is a mannequin of some kind. Dressed up like a guard. You know, like normal.

And hey! There's young Johnny, riding his tricycle in the house. On the ceiling. He is also a mannequin. As is Janis over there in the corner, and their friend who is a howling wolf. All mannequins.


Behold, the master bedroom. And, uh, the mistress?

Oh hey, just another child dangling from the ceiling in the library. As one does.

And there's Jeeves with supper!


And here is a room filled with dead animals, because sure, why not?

'But wait,' you ask! 'Is there a creepy mannequin child playing an accordion anywhere?' Well you are in luck, because of course there is.

Tragically, I do not think all of these fabulous and not at all horrifying decorations come with the house -- although the ones that are glued to the ceiling might be there forever (and ever and ever), and we're sure there's no way they could come to life and murder you in your sleep or anything like that. However, any Kim Cattrall superfans will be delighted to see how well a mannequin-based decor works within the home itself.

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