If you see these men spying on you, please be aware that they are Peeping Toms.
(image via The Smoking Gun)

Remember the 80s? It was a simpler time, when a nerd could simply install a camera in a bathroom wall to see some boobies. Or at least that's how every 80s teen movie made it seem. Nowadays, it's hard work to see strangers' breasts or even just ladies pooping, if you've never heard of the internet where both of those things are widely available.

If you're like the charmers below, you have to go to the movies and make your way into the crawlspace about the women's restroom. It's unclear what you'll see from that vantage point (cleavage?), but in any case, your set-up won't last long because pretty soon you'll come crashing through the ceiling. Of course, then everyone will know, and nobody in high school will ever talk to you again! But you're in your mid-20s so it's cool.

Sources: The Smoking Gun