Oh my gosh, I hope this video doesn't make anyone uncomfortable, I'm so sorry.

Why do women say they're sorry so much? Probably because we're socialized to be polite over all other human behaviors, like asserting ourselves at work, aggressively defending our personal safety, and allowing others to care for us when we're in need. Wow, that made me sound like such a bitch, I'm so sorry!

Ladies, take the message of this sketch with you into the world: you don't have to apologize for everything. You can take up space in public, you can demand to be heard. Believe in yourself! You are just as likely to be right as anyone, you deserve the same courtesy and respect from men as they afford one another, you are capable, strong and I am so sorry, this is dumb, everything I've ever done is dumb. I'm going to walk into the ocean right now, goodbye.

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