This mugshot was taken not long after the assault.

How many women have to get shot at by their appliances before people wise up? According to WTSP News, one afternoon earlier this week, 18-year-old Aalaya Walker was at the home of her friend, Javarski "JJ" Sandy, when despite the fact that it was 5 PM she decided to cook herself some waffles. Already throwing caution to the wind with the non-meal-appropriate food selection, Aalaya further put herself and the kitchen cabinets at risk by neglecting to ask whether JJ, like most responsible gun owners, keeps his magazine full of .45 caliber ammunition in the oven. After a few minutes of cooking, the magazine exploded and Walker was struck by the shell casing, resulting in minor shrapnel wounds to her chest, thighs, and knees. She took a bus to the hospital, and then, hopefully, to a Waffle House.

Sources: WTSP News