Redheads of the world, unite! (Via WAFF)


16-year-old student Hayleigh Black was sent home on her first day of school this year because her hair was too red. Send in the guards. 

The Muscle Shoals High School student in Alabama has been been wearing her hair in the same bright red color for the last three years, but says no one ever mentioned anything to her about her hair until now. This year, on the first day of school, she was sent home before even making it to homeroom because her hair had suddenly become a "distraction for her fellow students."

Black was dumbfounded, and told WAFF, "I have never had anybody come up to me and say, 'Maybe you shouldn't have this color,' or, 'Do you think that's a bad color?'"

Apparently, part of the school code states that a student can be sent home if they have "hair which has been dyed a bright or distractive color. Dyed hair will be permitted only if the hair is dyed a natural human color."

So, according to the school's authorities, Hayleigh, an A and B student and member of the marching band, is an unnatural and inhumane threat to the public school system and to America as a whole. They didn't say the America part, but I feel it is implied by their Cold War-era rhetoric. Students can can have red hair, but not too red. Who runs this school, the House Un-American Activities Committee???

Sources: WAFF