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Woman asks if she was wrong to post selfie in her boyfriend's military uniform.

Woman asks if she was wrong to post selfie in her boyfriend's military uniform.


We've all posted a selfie, and sure, sometimes they can be a little self indulgent. But what if your selfie is potentially putting your partner's career on the line? When this girlfriend puts on her boyfriend's military uniform on without asking and posts a cute little picture of her in it on social media, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for posting a picture of myself wearing my boyfriend's military uniform?'

My (f25) boyfriend (m29) is in the military. We've been dating for 6 months and we live in different towns. He comes over to visit on weekends but I never been to his hometown and whenever I try to visit he's always busy. He came over to spend the weekend with and brought his military uniform.

He was in the shower while his uniform was sitting on the bed. I felt bored and decided to put it on and took a picture of me wearing it. -santann3559

This guy is 'always busy' huh? Seems a little fishy. OP goes on...

I then shared it on my Facebook as my 'story' and thought nothing of it. But once he found out he blew up and started yelling at me saying I should of never touched his 'work stuff'.

I was baffled at his reaction I said I was just trying it on but he said that I was being reckless towards his work. when he found out I posted a picture of me in it he lost it completely. He told me he can't believe I jeopardized his job for 'sh*** and giggles' and for some internet likes.

Whoa....seems like he overreacted a bit? But was she out of line?

He was making me nervous so I told him he was overreacting, he kept mumbling that I screwed him over because the uniform had his name tag on it. I asked so what and he said that I don't get to fuck with his job and sabotage it with how I was acting.

We had a fight he grabbed his stuff and went back to his hometown after demanding I take the picture down and wipe it off my phone.

I been trying to contact him ever since but still got no reply. I left him messages from messenger and he reads them but doesn't reply. AITA? I think I might have messed up but part of me says this was an overreaction on his part.

Well, was the GF the AH? Let's see what the Reddit mob had to say.

Dude. He got pissed because he has a wife lmao. The military has a strict dress code, but they REALLY hate adultery. That's what this is really about. ESH. -underbridgetollman

Perfect judgement. OP sucks for thinking it’s cute and appropriate to don someone’s military uniform and then accuse them of overreacting, he sucks for the obvious reasons that OP is clearly the other woman lol -elag19

Then, these more serious takes on the situation.

Military has some strict rules that might not make sense to those not in it. Uniforms have a WHOLE code and history about them. What it boils down to is this: he can take photos of himself in his FULL uniform, as long as he's not engaging in any conduct that's 'unbecoming' of the service. -geminiloveca

Anything else is verboten - including letting someone else wear his uniform, appearing in public in a partial uniform, using his uniform as a costume, wearing a uniform that doesn't meet standards (unkempt, untucked, wrong patterns, wrong awards, etc.) -geminiloveca

She is trying to impersonate someone in the military though, similar to a costume. Not officially, but just by wearing his uniform and thinking it's cute, she is being highly disrespectful of the position. - earmares

This take sums it up a bit.

Just to give additional context from a milspouse, I cannot hold my husband's hand or interact in pda with him in uniform. When it's like a reunion (graduation, return from deployment, etc.) I'm allowed to hug him but nothing else in public.

Uniforms have a strict code with how they have to be worn and how the solider is meant to behave. But I think it's top comment that has it on the nose, he has a wife and he is severely screwing himself over because they have strict rules on conduct. -jaywild

And this!

YTA OP. You’re recklessly making accusations you can’t back up. Lots of military careers have been destroyed by the wife/girlfriend going viral doing something stupid. He very well can be punished for this and it would absolutely paint a target on his back. -Isthenwincester

Well there you have it. She kind of IS the AH. But then again, is he cheating? What are YOUR thoughts?

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