'50 Shades of Grey,' the book trilogy about a billionaire and some lady who do sex to each other while whipping each other with chains is getting a fourth entry. Because the author is just rewriting the first one.

The first three 50 Shades books have been a publishing phenomenon, in part, experts say, because they were told from the point of view of a woman.

No matter. Author E.L. James just announced via Instagram, that hallowed literary channel of scribes and poets, that she's re-written the first book, 50 Shades of Grey, told not from the POV of Anastasia Steele, but from that of sex-crazed violent sadistic baron of industry Christian Grey.

So, American Psycho, then? (Via Instagram)

GREY is coming out really, really soon. As in June 18th—it doesn't take long to write a book if you've already written that book. James says that the release date is Christian Grey's birthday, but more importantly, this means it'll be out just in time to get one for your dad for Father's Day.

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