I watched it looking for Keanu and Tank Girl the whole time.

Wowowowowoweee. The new trailer does appeal to my modern tastes, with it's low saturation, quick rhythmic cuts and that particular style of sound design where it seems like someone is honking an emergency horn every beat.

But the hair colors are all wrong:

Bodhi is blonde. Bodhi will also always be Patrick Swayze, RIP.

Johnny Utah is a brunette. These expressions are on point, though.

This is Gary Busey. Where is he in the new trailer? (via NextImpulseSports)

Comparatively, the original trailer below seems pretty cheesy. But isn't that what makes Point Break f*cking dope? How corny and weird it is, yet somehow filled with the pathos of lost friendship? Not everything needs to be gritty and dark, Hollywood. Sometimes an extreme sport athlete liberating gold can be treated like the ridiculous premise it is. We just want to have a good time, jumping from movie to movie, looking for that rush that makes us feel truly alive. Young, dumb and full of–

Sources: Warner Bros. Pictures | h/t The Daily Dot