Starts out in all caps, but cools down after a few words.

Are you or someone you love currently experiencing a roach infestation? Do you feel alternately disgusted, angry, or ashamed?

First of all, it's not your fault. Secondly, here's a way of battling them that you may not have thought of. Do what this guy did and start collecting roaches you find and releasing them into your apartment's leasing office.

Below is the text of a note found "taped to my apartment's leasing office door" by redditor Biggie_Smaltese but taken down within ten minutes.

I have had roaches since I moved in. I have started catching them in the middle of the night and releasing them into your office. I killed this little guy but let his other 4 buddies under your door. This is not my first compliant [sic]. I expect a rent reduction and will be calling the health inspector for the city of Houston first thing in the morning. From this point on, I will make a point to release roaches into your office during business hours and inform all "potential" [ed note: not sure why "potential is in quotation marks] residents of the infestation. Rent reduction. I expect to hear from you by noon.

[Cockroach] [Name redacted]

This is fucking repulsive and I should not have to eat and sleep in such filth.
Sources: redditor Biggie_Smaltese