A shelter dog who went 5 years without being adopted finally found a home after his picture went viral on social media.

The face that launched 20,000 shares. (via Facebook)

This story will warm your heart unless you hate dogs. If you do hate dogs, I don't know why you're reading it in the first place.

Chester is a six-year-old pit bull from Long Island, New York. He was a stray when he was picked up, and then went on to spend five years in different shelters. Most recently, he was staying at the Southold Animal Shelter when the staff started despairing of him ever finding a home. That's when they started a Facebook page for him, called Chester Waiting for five years, and posted this heart-wrenching photo. As of this writing, that photo has more than 2,800 likes, and more than 20,000 shares. That's the power of dogs on the Internet.

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