A teenage girl from Pilibhit, a city in northeastern India, put a stop to the guy who reportedly sexually harassed her on a daily basis. She dragged him into a police station, and then beat the crap out of him.

That's when she "put on a shoe." Actually she took off her shoe.
So she could
pummel that guy with it. (Via Hindustan Times)

Ankit Rajput, the boy seen getting shoe'd in this video, had apparently been harassing the young woman (unnamed in reports) every day for quite some time. This week, the woman cornered Rajput on the street by blocking his motorcycle with her bicycle, right in front of a police station. Then, she pulled Rajput off his bike and into the precinct. That's when police started rolling tape.

She declined to file a criminal complaint, opting instead to take justice into her own hands. Which is to say that she used her hands to strike Rajput about the face and back, then kicked him, twisted his arm, and beat him with her shoe. Then she forced him to bow down and touch her feet to apologize.

Sources: Hindustan Times