What's a good amount of money to pay a toddler? $700,000, apparently.

To be fair, I have never seen a two-year-old with more swag. (via 50 Cent on Instagram)

50 Cent recently revealed that his kid, two-year-old Sire Jackson, has secured a $700,000 modeling deal for Kidz Safe headphones for children. You know, $700,000 — an amount of money that could buy you multiple well-built houses. Or several Ivy League educations. Or 2,000 orders of one of the worlds' most expensive steaks.

I mean, the kid does look great with a pair of headphones:

I don't think I have ever looked this cool in my life. (via 50 Cent on Instagram)

50 Cent talked about his son and the deal in an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. That part of the interview is pretty adorable; seeing badass ol' 50 Cent grin and say "I have so much fun with him, man" is like watching a kitten and a puppy playing together in a basket full of rainbows. You can watch the interview here:

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