It's the most range he's shown since 'White Chicks.'

Mike Epps is currently set to star in a biopic about legendary comedian Richard Pryor, which will also feature Kate Hudson and Oprah, and be directed by Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler). While this movie seems custom-designed to be the ultimate Oscar bait, the idea of turning Pryor's life into a film has been kicking around since his death in 2005.

Back in 2009, Marlon Wayans was being considered for the role, and this week his audition tape leaked. Anyone who thinks Wayans can't pull off a dramatic role has never seen Requiem for a Dream or Marmaduke. Even though this clip is less than eight minutes long, it's strangely powerful, and shows Wayans with a very nuanced and well-studied interpretation of Pryor. It also features Omar Epps as his psychiatrist. Take a look!

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