Attention, parents of small children who watch Frozen all day, every day: You're going to Epcot Center on your next vacation because that's where the new "Frozen Ever After" ride will be located.

"Let it go, in which 'it' is your resistance." (Via Wall Street Journal)

Similar to how Disney revamped its "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride to add in characters and other elements of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, "The Malestrom" in Epcot's Norway pavillion will be "gutted" and turned into "Frozen Ever After." The original log ride through a Nordic winter will remain the same, except everything riders see will be Frozen-ed. It will also be full of robots.

Here's what the ride will be like:

• As patrons wait in what is likely to be a three-hour line, they'll walk by Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, where an animatronic Wandering Oaken will say "yoo hoo!"

Sources: Wall Street Journal