"What's all this traffic aboot?! It's ridiculous, eh!!!"

You know, Canadians catch a lot of flak for being super-polite and even-keeled. But such unflattering aspersions aren't really based in fact. It's just mindless, lazy, prejudicial stereotyping. If you need any convincing that Canadians are just a bunch of normal, red-blooded hot-heads like us, check out this video that a resident of Montreal made on his morning commute to work:

To answer his question there at the end, the area around Montreal appears to have been originally settled by Algonquin, Huron, and Iroquois peoples about four millennia ago. But French colonialists officially incorporated it as a city in 1832. I'm not sure which of those groups is specifically responsible for this traffic.

Sources: Danny R | h/t The daily Dot